Story of a Nurse

12 Apr

Scary Start to Life At 23 weeks pregnant, I woke up bleeding heavily and in the early stages of labor. My husband was left behind as I was airlifted by the Coast Guard from our Alaskan cruise. Both mine and my unborn son’s life were inevitably on the line as I continued to bleed. We […]

Why I Became A Nurse

12 Apr

The Life of a Nurse I wanted to thank you for changing my life forever. You had no idea that you had done anything that day. Well, you didn’t do any of the work, your mom did it all. You changed my life forever the day that you were born. So, thank you! You do […]

Salt Isn’t the Enemy

08 Jun
facts about salt

Salt, like fat, is one of those nutrients that receives plenty of blame. Despite this, salt is important for good health. In fact, your body needs salt. Salt is needed to keep your blood at an ideal pH, which is about 7.4. So why is it that people have to reduce the amount of salt […]